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Frequently asked support questions

Click the links to find answers to some of our most popular Support questions. If you still can’t find what you need, our Customer Success team is always happy to help! Please get in touch at support@crowdmark.com.

The Basics

How do I get started with Crowdmark?

How does Crowdmark work with:

Signing in

How do I sign in to my Crowdmark account?

What if I can’t see my courses or assessments?

Setting up a course

How do I enroll students in my course?

How do I split my students into sections?

What if syncing with my LMS did not provide student numbers or section information?

What permissions do my team members have, and how do I change them?

What if I don’t have access to functions I need?

Setting up an Assigned (remote) assessment

How do due dates and timing work?

How do I set a late penalty, and how is it applied?

How do I create multiple versions of an online assessment?

What types of questions can I use in online assessments?

How do I create a group assessment for students to submit online?

How do I set student accommodations?

Setting up an Administered (in-person) assessment

How do I create multiple versions of an in-person assessment?

Can I use auto-matching with a custom student ID?

What if students need extra pages for scratch work?

How do I set up multiple-choice questions for an in-person assessment?

Scanning, uploading and matching (in-person assessment)

Why is my automatch rate so low?

My students submitted as a group - how do I match multiple students to a booklet?

What type of scanner and scan settings should I use?

What if my students have written on pages with no QR codes?

How do I add a team member specifically to scan and upload booklets?


How does the Comment library work?

How can I reuse a Comment library from another assessment?

How do I create a rubric for my graders?

What is the difference between Image/PDF and Text response grading?

How do I rearrange a student’s submission, or submit on their behalf?

Does Crowdmark provide tracked data on students’ digital submissions?

Can Graders see each other’s evaluations?

How can I edit or override a Grader’s evaluation?

How can I filter student submissions while grading?


How do students see their grades and feedback?

Can I make changes after grades have been sent? Do students see these changes?

Can I download and save students’ grades for an assessment?

Can I save a digital copy of students’ graded submissions?

Is there a way to see all grades for a course?

If you’re a new user and you have questions, our Customer Success team is always happy to help! Check out the Help Center to see if there are open webinars available, or fill out this form to request a custom session.