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How are due dates and penalties enforced?

During the assessment setup, you’ll be prompted to enter a due date and (optionally) a penalty for late submissions.

How is the due date enforced?

Students will see the due date and penalty on their assessment submission pages:

Students can submit and resubmit their assessments anytime before the due date. After the due date, their submissions are locked in.

If a student attempts to submit an assessment late, a modal window will appear with the due date and penalty that will be applied. Even if the penalty is 100% (giving the student an automatic 0), late submissions will be accepted until grades are returned. Late submissions cannot be edited.

How are penalties applied?

Penalties are automatically applied to the total score. There is no indication of penalties while grading.

All relevant information is included in the CSV export of grades: TotalPenaltyTotal After Penalty, and Submitted At.

How can I see when a student has submitted their work?

  1. In your assignment’s Dashboard, click on Students in the sidebar.

  2. Under the Submitted at column, you will see a timestamp for each student. You can click the timestamp to see a log of the student’s submission activity. For more details, see Verifying a student’s submission attempt.

Timestamps also appear in the CSV export of grades under the Submitted At column. Note that those timestamps are in UTC and you my have to adjust them to your timezone.

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