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Legal Summary

Crowdmark is a web application that helps teachers to teach and students to learn. Users of Crowdmark work together to evaluate, discuss, and respond to exams, essays, lab reports, and other student work (we will refer to all these documents as “exams” for simplicity). When using Crowdmark in the context of a given exam, users take on various roles and may take on one or more of these various roles in different exams:

  • Facilitator – a person in this role creates and administers the exam and invites markers, proctors and students to the exam.
  • Marker – a person in this role evaluates, assesses, annotates, and scores student work.
  • Proctor – a person in this role receives electronic copies of blank exams for printing and uploads scanned images of written exams.
  • Student – a person in this role writes exams and may be invited to view his or her work, the evaluations of his or her work, and may be allowed to respond to those evaluations and build associated content to help them learn.
  • Parents – in this role, parents or guardians, when appropriate, can view and respond to evaluations of their child's work.

Crowdmark collects “personal information” (such as name, email address) from users and shares that information only as is necessary for assessment evaluation and grading team management. Unless Crowdmark seeks and receives explicit approval, Crowdmark will not share personal information about our users except as is necessary for assessment evaluation and grading team management.

Crowdmark collects “content” generated by our users, such as an assessment question uploaded to Crowdmark by a facilitator, the associated responses to that question by students, the scores, comments, annotations and formative assessment feedback to those student responses generated by graders, and the responses to the grader feedback by students and parents. Crowdmark may share this content with others and may study and share it in any way Crowdmark desires provided that Crowdmark ensures that user personal information is not shared.

This is all explained in detail in Crowdmark’s privacy policy and legal terms of service. PLEASE READ CROWDMARK’S TERMS OF SERVICE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING CROWDMARK.