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Frequently asked questions

This page contains information about how Crowdmark can work for you, and how to start the process of purchasing Crowdmark for your course, department or institution. For frequently asked Support questions, click here.

Why Crowdmark

Crowdmark is a grading and assessment solution that enables educators to grade paper-based and digital exams and assignments 3× faster than traditional workflows while leaving richer feedback for students.

Why is Crowdmark different from my LMS assessment tools?

Crowdmark’s signature grading tools are designed to facilitate grading as part of the ongoing dialogue between students and instructors. Grading teams can work seamlessly and collaboratively within the digital grading suite, streamlining instructor oversight and providing the ultimate consistency in grading. Our fully-Markdown- and LaTeX-friendly Comment library allows you to retain commonly-used feedback, calculate scores automatically and provide your students with additional resources. Best of all, you never have to change comments manually – editing it once makes a change across the entire assessment.

Does Crowdmark work with my LMS?

Crowdmark is able to integrate directly with learning management systems to provide student roster and grade sync with Canvas, Brightspace/D2L, Moodle, Blackboard and Sakai. For other LMS inquiries, please contact support@crowdmark.com.

Does Crowdmark work with accessibility tools?

Crowdmark aims to meet compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA standards. See more about how Crowdmark is committed to accessibility here. For full details on accessbility, including our VPAT, please contact sales@crowdmark.com.

Can I use Crowdmark for multiple choice bubble sheets?

Yes! Crowdmark offers fully auto-graded multiple choice options for both in-person and digital assessments. Our Multiple choice analytics provide in-depth analysis of student responses along with difficulty, discrimination and distractors, to help enhance the quality of your multiple choice assessments. For a demonstration of Crowdmark’s multiple choice assessment workflow, please fill out this form and our Sales team will be in touch.

Do I or my students need special equipment to use Crowdmark?

Crowdmark is a browser-based application that’s accessible anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. Digital grading and assessments are completed fully online, even when students are submitting handwritten work. In-person assessments require high-volume printing and scanning. For a demonstration of Crowdmark’s digital and in-person assessment workflows, please fill out this form and our Sales team will be in touch.

Purchasing Crowdmark

What subscription options are available?

Crowdmark has a flexible pricing model, depending on your needs. For more information please fill out this form and our Sales team will be in touch.

Does my school already use Crowdmark?

You can find out if your institution is a current Crowdmark customer by contacting sales@crowdmark.com.

How do I open a Crowdmark account?

If your school does not currently use Crowdmark, please fill out this form and our team will be in touch.

If you know that your school is a current Crowdmark customer, you can sign up by selecting your institution from the drop down menu here.

Note: if your school is not a current customer, signing up for an account will not give you access to Crowdmark functions. Please use the form linked above to contact our Sales team.


What happens once I purchase Crowdmark?

Our Sales team will set you up with a Crowdmark account, and our Customer Success team will provide you, your team and anyone else at your institution with best-in-class training and resources to make sure you’re set up for success.

I have a Crowdmark account; how do I set up my courses?

Check out our Getting Started Guide for a step-by-step introduction to using Crowdmark. You can also ask questions or meet with our Customer Success team by emailing support@crowdmark.com.

Is there someone who can help me get set up?

Definitely! Our Customer Success team is always happy to help. Check out our Help Center to see if there are open webinars available, or fill out this form to request a custom session for you or a group.

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