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Some of our customers include:

Whether you are online, hybrid or back to class, Crowdmark meets all your grading and assessment needs.

Replace your fragmented tools with one simple software solution for exams, homework, labs and quizzes. Grade student work 3× faster while leaving richer feedback for students. Gain unique insights into student performance with our advanced analytics.

Grading progress on questions with multiple gradersComment with feedback including a mathematical equationComment with feedbackComment being typed
Multiple graders can work at the same time without collisions
See grading time, speed, and score analytics at the question level
Set up grading rubrics and share them with your team
Student portfolio with a list of assignmentsPartially-submitted assignment
Students see a portfolio of past and future assessments with their grades
Graded tests and assignments are returned in one click
Assignments can be conveniently scanned and submitted using a mobile phone

How it Works

Crowdmark lets you use your existing paper assessments and assignments so you don’t need to re-create anything.

Choosing an assessment type while setting up a Crowdmark assessment

1. Set Up Assessment

Generate and print exam booklets with features like multiple choice or create assignment questions and distribute them to students.

Uploading completed assessment

2. Upload Completed Work

Instructors can scan and upload student work or students can upload assignments using mobile phones.

Grading on Crowdmark with comments and annotations

3. Grade and Return

Leave rich feedback with flexible grading tools and share frequently-used comments with your team. Grades can be returned to students online, instantly.

Chart showing assessment results by question

4. Analyse Learning

See detailed information about student performance on each question. You own your data. Extract deeper insights with Crowdmark’s API.

Fully integrated with learning management systems including: