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Administer and grade online and in-class assessments

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Whether you are online, hybrid or back to class, Crowdmark meets all your grading and assessment needs.

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Give detailed feedback

Give feedback on each part of a student’s solution (not just the final answer), so students know exactly what they did right or wrong.

Include additional learning resources

Incorporate pdfs, images, graphs, videos, and other resources to enrich feedback and enhance student learning.

Express symbols and equations

Use Markdown and LaTeX to show appropriate equations and notations to facilitate understanding. Both students and instructors can use this feature to illuminate their thought processes.

Why leading institutions choose Crowdmark

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How it works

Crowdmark lets you use your existing paper assessments and assignments so you don’t need to re-create anything.

1. Set Up Assessment

Generate and print exam booklets with features like multiple choice or create assignment questions and distribute them to students.

2. Upload Completed Work

Instructors can scan and upload student work or students can upload assignments using mobile phones.

3. Grade and Return

Leave rich feedback with flexible grading tools and share frequently-used comments with your team. Grades can be returned to students online, instantly.

4. Analyse Learning

See detailed information about student performance on each question. You own your data. Extract deeper insights with Crowdmark’s API.

Fully integrated with learning management systems including:

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