Crowdmark is a collaborative online grading and analytics platform

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Increased Productivity

Research has shown that Crowdmark cuts teacher grading time by up to 70%. Assessments can be returned to students, with rich feedback, with one click.

Easy to Use

Designed with the user in mind, Crowdmark is easy to use right from the start. With an intuitive modern interface and simple workflow, onboarding of new users is painless. It is a solution built by educators for educators.

Improved Student Outcomes

Crowdmark provides data visualizations of student performance for each question. Gaps in learning achievement can be identified through analysis of this data leading to improved student outcomes.

How does Crowdmark work?

Crowdmark can be used for all kinds of assessments: small assignments and large exams, distributed in-class or remotely. The workflow is flexible to accommodate your needs.

1 Setup

Upload a master assessment and enroll your students. If a class or student is completing an assessment remotely, it is distributed via email.

2 Download & print

An administered assessment is downloaded and printed by the instructor while an assigned assessment is downloaded and printed by the individual student.

3 Complete

Students complete their assessments in class or at home.

4 Scan & upload

Completed assessments are scanned and uploaded to Crowdmark.

5 Grade & return

Assessments are graded through the Crowdmark interface by an individual instructor or in collaboration with other graders. Results with rich feedback are emailed to students for viewing in a web browser.

6 Analyze learning

Analyze student performance at the question level and across multi-section courses using visualizations provided by Crowdmark or by conveniently downloading your data.

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