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Michelle Caers

Michelle Caers MBA


Michelle has over 20 years of experience in education and technology, where she has led teams in 6 successful start-up companies at various stages of growth. Michelle is also the Founder of DesignedUX, a strategy and design firm. Previously Michelle was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at the Ryerson DMZ a world leading accelerator for tech startups in Canada. Michelle is a frequent speaker at technology and education conferences and advises a number of start-ups on strategy, design and customer acquisition.

Jamie Gilgen

Jamie Gilgen BESc

Software Engineer

A passionate software developer with 16 years of programming experience, Jamie loves to build software that is functionally and aesthetically beautiful. Upon completion of a degree in Computer Engineering, Jamie worked at IBM for five years accumulating multiple awards and patents. Jamie has created several successful web applications, including Yoleo Reader. In her spare time Jamie loves to race her bike competitively.

Sandra O'Reilly

Sandra O'Reilly BDes


Sandra leads design at Crowdmark with a focus on user experience. With over 8 years of experience in graphic design and front end development, Sandra has worked on projects in a variety of industries. Sandra previously worked at York University for three years, designing accessible web applications and providing faculty training and support.

Wesley Moxam

Wesley Moxam BSc

Software Developer

Wes has been building software professionally for nearly 20 years for companies large and small. Wes is a long time contributor to open source software with contributions to Ruby On Rails and the Crystal programming language. Aside from building software Wes enjoys working on his small hobby farm, tending to his wine grapes and chickens.

Alix Altow

Alix Altow BA

Enterprise Account Executive

Alix has over 7 years of experience in the educational technology industry. She began her career working with students with disabilities on their fit and use of educational technologies to reach their academic potential. In the past few years, Alix has worked with faculty and institutions on strategies to maximize the learning environment for professors and students. Outside of work, she volunteers as a crisis responder for a national distress center providing emotional support and crisis intervention to those in need. Alix enjoys dancing and leading yoga sessions!

Chenjie Ni

Chenjie Ni BSc

Software Developer

Chenjie is an ambitious software developer at Crowdmark. Chenjie completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto focusing on artificial intelligence and computer vision. Before completion of his degree, Chenjie worked as a teaching assistant in UofT for two years. Chenjie aims to build smart EdTech software that is user-friendly and robust by leveraging AI and machine learning. In his spare time, Chenjie loves exploring new technologies including network and web proxies, virtualization tools, etc.

Joshua Gorner

Joshua Gorner MMath, BEng

Software Developer

Josh is a detail-oriented software developer and computer engineering graduate hailing from Newfoundland. He’s had over 10 years of professional experience, including architecting key customer-facing features on web applications for CIBC and Soapbox, among others. In his spare time, Josh has volunteered as a programming workshop mentor, and enjoys trying to figure out where all those big new TV shows are going to be available in Canada.

Maggie Wood

Maggie Wood HBA, BEd

Customer Success Manager

Maggie came to Crowdmark after 2.5 years in Shopify Support where she worked on a Shopify-owned app, built learning sessions and workshops, and helped manage a departmental reorganization. Before getting into tech, Maggie held teaching licenses in British Columbia and Ontario. A baseball lover, Maggie built a program to educate young Canadian ballplayers about their options in post-secondary. Maggie is a classically-trained vocalist, chorister and musical theatre actor, and when she's not at the ballpark you'll find her singing karaoke.

James Colliander

James Colliander PhD


James is an award-winning Mathematics professor with an active research program at the interface of partial differential equations, harmonic analysis and dynamical systems. He is interested in education and research policy and in new models of education delivery. He is the inventor of the Crowdmark concept.

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