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Crowdmark is now a permanent part of the way I teach a course, especially when there is a large enrolment. In fact, I can't conceive of going back to the way I was doing testing before using Crowdmark. It has made assessment a straight-forward process even with very large classes.

Michael Evans, PhD
University of Toronto

Crowdmark is the platform to go if you are looking for one to effectively grade your students' work, collaborate with your colleagues while grading, and share feedback with students. It also has the best support team for instructors!

Xinli Wang, PhD
University of Manitoba

Using Crowdmark has vastly improved both the speed, feedback quality, and mark consistency of my own grading, and also my ability to manage teams of TAs as they do their own marking. In terms of the student experience, it guarantees that every student will get their graded paper back in a timely manner.

Alan Ableson, PhD
Queen's University

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