Richer Feedback for Improved Learning

Descriptive feedback to students can be delivered easily with rich content in the online workflow. Intuitive comment boxes support insertion of hyperlinks, embedded images, mathematical and chemical notations. The ability to leave hyperlinks in comments for students attached to their work creates new learning opportunities. For example, a student can be directed via hyperlink to a video explaining the solution to a math problem or historical fact.

Curriculum Innovation

Crowdmark provides pathways to drive innovation in curriculum design and pedagogy. Using our online grading platform teachers can easily test and iterate on new approaches to teaching while collaborating with teachers in other schools or districts. This provides opportunities for instructors to improve their teaching practice and new channels for communication within Professional Learning Networks (PLN).

Student Portfolio

Crowdmark stores all assessments with instructor feedback securely in the cloud. Over time, this creates an easily accessed digital portfolio that can be used for further study, personalization of instruction and detailed evaluation of learning achievement. Teachers can choose to share this portfolio with parents to review their child’s progress throughout the year.

See how we compare to the status quo


Status Quo

Grade anywhere, anytime. With Crowdmark teachers can grade assessments with ease from any Internet connected device from anywhere.

Ready, Set, Grade

Paper, paper and more paper. Teachers are forced to stay late at school to grade assessments or carry stacks of paper home and back.
Teachers can collaboratively evaluate student work online with moderation. The moderated evaluations can be performed anywhere and at anytime.


Moderated grading requires teachers to assemble in the same room at the same time. Scheduling is a hassle.
Teachers can provide rich feedback that includes annotations, comments, scores, embedded images and hyperlinks to online resources to support further learning.


Teachers use a red pen to provide comments in the margin with a number score.
A digital copy of student homework, assignments, lab reports, midterms and finals together with teacher feedback is stored in the cloud creating an easily accessible student portfolio.

Student Portfolio

Assessments can be stored in a file folder at home or at school. That is, if pages aren’t lost or forgotten.
Teachers can access the student portfolio to enrich discussions with parents by showing examples of student work. Teachers can digitally share student work and associated assessment feedback with parents.

Parent Engagement

Parents are sometimes shown scores in a grade book. Examples of student work can be sent home in the student’s backpack to parents for review.

Educators love Crowdmark

There is no comparison between Crowdmark and pen and paper assessment. I was able to mark three times the amount of student work in less than a third of the time it would have taken me...with a pen in my hand. The efficiency that the program allows, the streamlined interface, and the simplistic methods of using it all added up to a program that is, simply, the future of marking.

Ms. Spirou
Grade 3 Teacher

The interface is easy to use. Grading is much faster and easier. I loved how we did not have to handle the exams themselves. With Crowdmark, teachers are able to mark in their own homes using their own personal devices. There is no need to be sitting in warehouse and marking the exams in person. All exams could be stored on a server. This App has the potential to save time, expenses, and money.

Mr. Hall
Grade 6 Teacher

I liked the feature of easily accessing student work and seamlessly assessing one question at a time. It is easier to complete marking with standards such as EQAO rubrics while looking only at one question from the test for all students... It is easier, as you do not need to flip back and forth through stapled pages.

Ms. McPhail
Grade 6 Teacher

Crowdmark can be licensed by individual schools or school boards.

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