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Matching booklets to students

After your assessments are uploaded, you must match their cover pages to students. In Crowdmark, this can be done anytime after uploading student work: before, during, or after grading. It typically takes an hour to match 1,000 students.

Crowdmark also offers a mobile app, Exam Matcher, which enables you to match students while taking attendance at the beginning of an exam. Read more about Exam Matcher.

Matching assessments to students

  1. On the Dashboard, click the Match booklets button. A cover page and search field will appear.
  2. Locate the student’s information on the cover page and begin typing it into the search field. The list of students will be filtered as you type.
  3. Once you’ve found the student, click on their email address to match them. Repeat until all cover pages are matched.

Fixing a matching mistake

If a student has been incorrectly matched, navigate to the Match booklets page.

We recommend switching the Match multiple students to a booklet? toggle on in the sidebar for this process, simply to ensure that the cover pages don’t automatically switch after you have unmatched or matched a student.

  1. Use the arrows (above the search bar) to sort through the cover pages or search for the mismatched student in the search bar.
  2. On the cover page, you will see the student’s email address in the top left corner. Click the “x” icon beside the email address to remove the match.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can save time by using keyboard shortcuts. While matching, a list of shortcuts can be found by clicking the Keyboard shortcuts link below the search bar.

Matching multiple students to an assessment

Some assessments involve student collaboration: two stage exams, lab reports, and group projects are some examples.

It is possible to match any number of students to a cover page by switching the Match multiple students to an assessment? toggle on. This will prevent the page from automatically switching after you’ve matched a student. Once you’ve matched all of the students to the page, click the Next unmatched button above the search bar to proceed to the next assessment.

Each student matched to an assessment will receive their own copy of the graded assessment once grades are returned.