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What is the Exam Matcher?

Take attendance and match students to booklets at the same time using any mobile device. If you have a team of proctors, you can generate a unique sign in token for each team member. These tokens will allow anyone with a mobile phone or tablet to conveniently match assessments with students.

Getting started

  1. Sign in using the link and unique token provided to you by your instructor.
  2. Search for and select a student by using their name, email or ID number. 
  3. Scan the QR code on any page of the student’s exam booklet.
  4. Repeat for the next student.

*Exam Matcher can now be accessed on any mobile device with a web browser and camera. Please note that the iOS and Android Exam Matcher apps have been deprecated and are no longer supported by Crowdmark.

 For in-depth instructions, see

Watch This Video For a Step by Step on How to Match Students

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