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Using the Exam Matcher app

Downloading the Exam Matcher app

Exam Matcher is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Generating a token in Crowdmark

When you open the app for the first time, you’ll see a Sign in screen prompting you to enter or scan a token to continue. If you are an Instructor or Facilitator in the assessment, you can generate tokens for your team of proctors by following the instructions below. If you’re a proctor, your instructor may generate tokens for you to use.

  1. From your assessment’s Dashboard, click the Match with Exam Matcher app button.

  2. Click the Generate token button. A 5-digit token and QR code will appear.

  3. Enter your full name and the token in the Exam Matcher app (or scan the QR code to enter it automatically).

Notes about tokens

  • Each token can only be used once. If you exit Exam Matcher, you will need to enter a new token to sign in again. We recommend that you generate and write down multiple tokens before the exam.
  • Tokens expire after 3 days to preserve the security of exam day logins.
  • Only Instructors and Facilitators have the ability to generate tokens. Any proctor with access to the Exam Matcher app can use the tokens.

Troubleshooting token errors

If you see the error “This token is invalid or has already been used” it could be caused by the following:

  • The token has been claimed already. You can see if a token has been claimed on the Match with Exam Matcher page.
  • If you typed the token, it may have been misspelled.
  • The token may be from a different exam.
  • A poor internet connection. Once a good connection is established, we recommend trying the token again.

Using the app to match students

  1. Sign in using the token generated on your assessment’s Dashboard.

  2. Approach the first student. Using the information on the student’s ID card or cover page, search for the student in Exam Matcher. The search includes any student data you have uploaded (Name or Student ID Number, for example). After selecting the student, the Match student screen with the student’s information will appear.

  3. Tap the Scan QR button to activate the device’s camera/scanner. Scan the QR code on any page of the student’s assessment. The screen will switch to Matched student.

  4. Tap Match another to repeat the process for the next student.

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