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Submitting on behalf of a student

After the due date, students can’t edit or resubmit their work. Instructors and facilitators can edit and resubmit for students at any time (even after grades have been returned). To submit on behalf of a student or modify a submission, you can follow the instructions below to go to the student’s submission and enter responses or upload files as the student would.

Occasionally, a student may have completed a portion of their assessment, but encountered difficulty when attempting to submit (e.g., poor internet connectivity). If you navigate to their submission, you should see any text or multiple choice questions the student has completed successfully so far. If a student has uploaded files to PDF/image upload questions, you should be able to view the files in the student’s submission. However, if the student’s connection had issues with auto-saving, or if the student was working in multiple tabs or devices, some work might be missing. To resolve this issue, please ask the student to email or share with you any missing work. You can verify you have been sent the correct files using the MD5 hash present in the Submission log.

Any changes you make to the responses will be automatically saved and visible to the student if they view their submission. You must click the Submit button to make the student’s work available for grading.

If you submit past the due date, the student’s submission will still be considered late and any penalty you have set will be applied. You can adjust the student’s penalty by following the instructions on this page: Accommodation options for assigned assessments.

Note: If you only need to correct the rotation of uploaded pages, you do not need to resubmit the student’s work. You can do this while you are grading by following the instructions here: Rotating a page of student work

  1. In your assessment, click on Students in the sidebar.

Assessment menu with 'Students' selected.

2. You will see a list of students. Find the student you’re looking for and click on the three-dot menu that appears at the end of the row to access the student menu. Choose Submission from the menu.

Student menu open with 'Submission' highlighted.

3. A full screen view of the student submission will appear. To leave this view, simply click the close icon positioned in the top-left corner of your screen or click outside of the panel.

Student submission window open.

4. Here, you can upload files, enter responses, or make changes to the submission if needed.

If the student has sent you files to upload on their behalf, drag and drop the student’s files to the upload areas under the questions or browse to locate them. You can drag pages between questions.

If you need to rotate a page, click the magnifying glass icon on the page, then click the Rotate page button. To remove a page, click the “x”.

Example submission to an image/PDF question type.

5. When you’re ready, click Submit for evaluation.

Once the submission has completed, you will see a submission confirmation message.

Scroll through the submission below to ensure that the student’s work appears correctly.

Submission successfully received!

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