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Accommodation options for assigned assessments

Assigned assessments have flexible timing and scheduling options for students who need accessibility accommodations.

Instructors can use the timed assessment feature to set an asynchronous assignment, which allows students to write at a time that’s convenient for them, within a designated window. Read more: Creating a timed assessment

Additionally, due dates, assessment time windows and late penalties are all adjustable on a per-student basis.

Customizing the due date, time to complete or lateness penalty for a student

  1. Navigate to the Students tab for the assessment.

  2. Find the particular student using the search bar and click on the link beside their email under the Status column.

  3. A window will appear with the student’s activity log. Scroll down to the Accommodation options.

  4. Customize the due date: Select a due date and time for the student.

    Customize time to complete: If this is a timed assessment, you can enter the number of hours and minutes the student will be allowed to complete the assessment.

    Customize lateness penalty: You can adjust the lateness penalty for a particular student at any time, before or after a student has submitted their assignment. Note that this customized penalty is the total penalty and not a lateness penalty per day, hour, or minute.

  5. Once your changes have been made, click Save. You will see a gear icon in the Status column for this student after a successful penalty adjustment.

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