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Using multiple choice questions

Crowdmark can automatically grade up to 200 multiple choice questions in an administered assessment. If you enable multiple choice on your assessment, Crowdmark will add up to five 40-question bubble sheets with responses A–E to the end of each student’s booklet. Multiple answers to a question is supported.

How it works

  1. Create your assessment template. Crowdmark requires at least a cover page in the template. You can include the multiple choice question prompts in your template or leave them out and print them outside of Crowdmark. Crowdmark doesn’t currently offer a way to “link” the question prompts to the bubble sheet but we recommend including the questions in the template so students can reference them after grades are returned.

  2. Enable multiple choice in your assessment. Before you upload your template you will have the option to enable multiple choice. Select this option, type the number of bubble sheets you’d like to include, and upload your template. When the time comes to define the locations of your questions you do not need to label the multiple choice questions in your template.

  3. Set default scoring options. From the assessment’s Dashboard, navigate to the Questions page in the sidebar. Click the Multiple choice settings button. Here, you have the option to:

    • Edit the default points value for a correct response. By default students receive a score of 1 for a correct response.
    • Edit the default points value for an incorrect response. By default, students receive a score of 0 for an incorrect response. Students will always receive a score of 0 if they do not fill out a response.
    • Select how a question with multiple answers is interpreted. The options are: Students need to select ALL of the correct answers (e.g. A and B) and Students need to select ONE of the correct answers (e.g. A or B).

    These settings apply to all multiple choice questions in this assessment. Question-specific changes in the answer key (step 4) will override these settings.

  4. Complete the answer key and customize question points. On the Questions page, click on “Answer key” beside the MC questions. Click the bubbles to select the correct answer(s) to each question. You may select multiple answers to a question. If the page shows more questions than you have, leave the extras blank; Crowdmark will only grade questions you have selected answers for. You may use the input boxes beside each question to change the number of points students will receive for a correct answer.

  5. Print, administer, scan, and upload the completed booklets. Students can use pen or pencil to fill in the bubbles. Use the edge detection setting on your scanner to ensure that no black or grey background is included around the edges of the scanned images.

  6. Crowdmark will automatically grade the bubble sheets that have been uploaded. Students receive the default scores (set in step 3) for each correct and incorrect response and 0 for each missing response. The MC question/page score is the total for all multiple choice questions on that page.

  7. Resolve any unknown responses. If Crowdmark is unsure about a response on a page or a student has not answered a question, the page will be marked with “unknown response” (and ungraded). This may happen if a student has mistakenly filled in a bubble but has attempted to cross it out or fill in a different bubble.

    On the Dashboard, under the Grading heading, you will see the MC question blocks. If there are unknown responses, click MC.

    You’ll see the first unresolved page in the grading interface. The unknown response will be highlighted in yellow with a “?”. Clone the evaluation and click the bubble that the student selected to resolve the response.

What do students see?

Students will see a score beside each answer. The correct response to each question will be highlighted in green.

What if the multiple choice bubbles are misaligned or the page cannot be detected by Crowdmark?

This can be caused by bad scan quality or a visual artefact disrupting the black border around the bubble area (a line or writing/drawing). If a line is appearing, your scanner may need to be cleaned. If the multiple choice area cannot be detected at all, Crowdmark treats the page as any other page in the template and you may grade it manually. You can enter a score in the sidebar and add annotations and comments to the page. Please contact with any other questions.