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Scanning assessments

Crowdmark is currently designed for pages of any size (including 8.5" x 11", legal, A4, portrait or landscape format), printed double or single-sided and stapled at the upper left corner. See Creating an assessment template for more information.

Please use the following scanner settings:

  1. Greyscale or color. At this time Crowdmark is not fully compatible with black and white images.
  2. 200 DPI scanning resolution in multi-page PDF format. This should result in images with dimensions 1700x2200 pixels.
  3. It is recommended to enable a “darker” setting if your scanner allows it. This helps light pencil marks to be seen more clearly.
  4. If you are using multiple choice bubble sheets, ensure that your scanner makes any extra space around the scan white. If the area where the staples were cut off is scanned in black it may interfere with the multiple choice autograder.

Crowdmark reads QR code data on the assessment pages to route the scanned images to the right place for grading. It is important that the QR codes and other page-positioning graphics are not cut off or obscured in the printing and scanning steps, and that they are properly aligned on the scanned file. Setting your scanner to auto-detect page borders will be helpful to avoid extra white space around the page and ensure proper grahpical positioning.

If there are pages with no QR codes included in the scans, they will not be uploaded to the assessment, and will not be gradeable in Crowdmark. To add gradeable, QR-coded scratch pages for your students to use, include blank pages in your assessment template.

Each file must be under 500 MB in size. It is not necessary to upload a single PDF file containing all the assessment images. The uploading can be done in batches. If scanned images are uploaded a second time, the new images will replace the old images. Existing grading and annotation is not affected by new scans.

Crowdmark also accepts scanned images in JPEG format but our preferred format is multi-page PDF.