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Fixing errors in assessment upload

While uploading your exams, you may encounter an upload or processing error message.

Here are some common errors and solutions:

  • Unprocessable file: Crowdmark could not identify a QR code on the page. It may have been tampered with, cut off, or otherwise obscured. If the text beside the QR code is still readable, you can fix this manually by clicking the Fix button. See “Fixing errors” below.
  • The exam image must be a jpeg: Crowdmark currently supports JPG and ;PDF file formats. If all of your files are in an unsupported format, you will have to rescan the images or convert them into the proper format.
  • The exam must have a density of 150.0 DPI or more: The quality of your scans is not high enough. You will have to rescan the pages at a higher DPI, such as 150 or 200.

Fixing errors

  1. Click the All toggle button next to History limit the list to only show Errors.

  2. Click the Fix button beside the error message. A modal window will appear.

  3. Locate the UUID near the top of the image, beside the QR code. You may have to scroll sideways to find it. This is a combination of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies the assessment.

  4. Click Select or type in the UUID and begin typing the UUID. Once you’ve located a match in the list, click on it to select it.

  5. Click Save. Click outside of the modal window to return to the Uploads list.