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Inviting a printer or uploader to your team

Printer-Uploader is a team member who prints blank assessments and/or performs the scanning and uploading of pages from an administered assessment. This can be a person at a print shop, a staff person in the department, or another instructional assistant. Printer-Uploaders are allowed to download blank assessments and upload scanned images to the assessment on Crowdmark. They do not have access to grading interfaces, results, or lists of students and team members.

Instructors and Facilitators always have permission to download and upload assessments.

Note: If you are inviting someone to upload assessments but printing is being handled elsewhere, you may wish to include this person in the assessment after the assessment has been written. This will ensure that the person uploading will not have access to test questions in advance.

Inviting a Printer-Uploader

Printer-Uploaders can be invited to the course the same way as any other team member (see Managing team members in a course).

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