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Using a rubric

Facilitators can create rubrics in advance of grading by creating shared comments with points in the Comment library. When a comment is shared, it will appear in the Comment libraries and comment suggestions of all Graders and Facilitators on the team. Team members can then drag and drop the comments onto student work to apply the feedback and points to the question.

Setting up a rubric

  1. Open the Comment library.
  2. Click the Add comment button in the upper right corner. A text box will appear.
  3. Click the Share with team toggle above the question content. The comment will be shared.
  4. Enter the comment text and points and click Save.
  5. Repeat with each rubric item.

Grading with the rubric

  1. Toggle on the comment toolbar.
  2. Drag and drop a comment (rubric item) onto the student’s work. The comment’s points will be applied to the question.