Sign In

Signing in to Crowdmark

There are two ways to sign in to Crowdmark from the Sign In page (

  1. With an email address and password.
  2. Through your school’s login (if your school supports this).

If this is your first time signing in to Crowdmark, see Claiming your account (signing in for the first time).

Signing in with an email address and password

  1. Go to the Sign In page (
  2. Enter your email and password and click Sign in. You will see your My Courses page.

Signing in through your school

Some schools offer the option to sign in using your school credentials.

  1. From the Sign In page (, click the “select your school to sign in” dropdown to see if your school is listed.

  2. If your school is there, click on it. You’ll see a page with the school logo and a sign in button.

  3. Click Sign in with [LMS] ([LMS] is whichever system your school uses). You will be prompted to enter your school username and password. Depending on the system your school uses, you might also have to enter an email address and verify it the first time (Crowdmark will take you through this process).

  4. After you have signed in successfully, you will see a page titled My Courses, which is your portfolio of assessments on Crowdmark.