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Creating a group assignment

Instructors can set up their assigned assessments to allow for group submissions. Instructors can form the groups of students or students can create their own groups. Any member of the group can submit on behalf of the group and a single group assessment will be graded. To avoid collisions, we recommend that only one group member submits. All students in the group will receive a copy of the graded feedback in their Crowdmark portfolio.

Creating a group assignment

  1. Create an assigned assessment and tick the box beside Allow group submissions in Step 2 - Details.

  2. Finish setting up the assessment by adding questions and returning to the Dashboard.

  3. If you would like students to form their own groups, you can Distribute the assignment to students. (A description of what students will see is included below.)

  4. The group members can be formed or edited by the instructor before or after the assignment has been distributed by navigating to the Students tab and clicking on the blue Edit Groups button at the top right.

  5. To Edit Groups, simply drag the unassigned student names on the left to a group on the right. Students need to be removed from a group before they can be added to a different group. If the assignment has already been distributed, students will be notified by email when they are added to a group.

  6. Returning to the Students list shows the newly formed groups. The group submission log is accessible by clicking on the link for a group under the Status column. The log includes the addition or removal of group members and all submission activity for each individual user. Click for more information on verifying students’ submissions.

  7. The student list will sort student groups alphabetically A-Z by default. When sorting the table using student names, the list will sort alphabetically using the first name of the first student in the group.

What Will Students See?

  1. Once the assignment has been distributed, students will receive an email with a link to view the assignment.

  2. Students will be able to add or edit group members before submitting.

  3. Students can only add members who have not already been added to another group. Once a student is added to a group, the submission page is shared among the group members and any member can submit work on behalf of the group.

  4. Students will receive an email notification that they have been added to a group by a particular user.

  5. Students also have access to the submission log in their portflio. The log includes the addition or removal of group members and submission activity for each individual user.

  6. Once a group assignment has been submitted, students will not be able to edit the group members. Students will need to contact their instructor to make any changes to group members after submission. Note: if students have submitted individually, moving students to a group will clear their individual submissions.