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Verifying that an assignment was submitted

Both you and your instructor have access to a log of all actions you have taken when submitting an assignment. If something has gone wrong or if you are not sure when your assignment was submitted you can look at the log.

Viewing your submission activity log

  1. Go to the assignment list in your course. Click the Submitted or Not submitted link under the Status heading. The submission log will appear.

  2. You will see a list of actions including the time and name of the person who performed each action. This is an example of a typical submission:

    A normal submission includes all of the actions below:

    • Viewed assignment page
    • Started timed assessment (Timed assessments only)
    • Student was added to a group (Group assessments only)
    • Uploaded 2 pages to Q1:image1.jpg, image2.jpg (Image/PDF upload questions only)
    • Answered Q2 (Text and Multiple Choice questions only)
    • Clicked submit button
    • Submission time logged
    • Submission processing completed

    Submission time logged is the official time that you submitted. Submission processing completed means that your files were successfully uploaded and processed.

If something goes wrong during the upload you will normally see an error message and an Upload failed entry will show up in the log (your instructor will be able to see it as well). A list of errors and their resolutions is available on the Completing and submitting an assessment page.

Viewing file details

MD5 image hash

Crowdmark logs the MD5 hash (the file’s unique identifier) for each file that you upload to an assessment. What that means is if you submit a file, then submit the same file again, you’ll see the hashes on the two submissions are identical. The MD5 hash is built into the file when it is created on your device or computer. If you alter the file by changing the format, editing the image, or even re-saving the same file, the hash will appear different from the original image hash.

Here’s an example of what MD5 hashes look like in your submission log. By default, the hashes won’t be visible. You can click the Show file details button at the top of the log to show the hashes beside each file.

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