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Filtering evaluations by tag, grader, or score

Instructors and Facilitators can view evaluations with specific tags or a combination of tags, a score or range of scores, or graded by a specific Grader by using the filter tool. You can also use the filter tool on a specific comment using the comment library (see Using the comment library).

Applying filters

  1. While grading, click Filter evaluations in the top right corner.
  2. Click on a tag, enter a score, or click a grader to select filter(s).
  3. Click Apply filters.

If multiple filters are selected, only evaluations matching ALL filters will be shown.

Navigating filtered evaluations

A bar will appear on the bottom of the page showing which filters you have selected. The grading sidebar navigation will change to allow you to cycle through only evaluations with the selected filter(s). The Next filtered button loops through all pages that match the active filters. Clicking the “Back” button in your browser will take you to the last page you viewed.