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Grading tools

There are a number of tools you can use to leave feedback on assessments:

Grading toolbar

Text comments, annotations and symbols can be added through the grading toolbar in the top left of the screen.


Click anywhere on the assessment page to open up a comment field. A comment can be dragged and dropped to another location on the page.

Comments support Markdown for formatting and LaTeX for math and chemical equations. To learn more about these options, see Adding comments.

Positive or negative points can be attached to questions, similar to a rubric.

Freeform annotations (drawing)

Click and drag anywhere on a page to write or draw on top of student work.


Click anywhere on a page to add a stamp.

Highlight box

Click and drag to create a semi-transparent box over student work.


Click on an annotation, stamp, or box to delete it.

Color palette

Selecting a color applies that color to future annotations, stamps, and highlight boxes.

Comment library

Opens a list of frequently used comments that can be added to the page by clicking or dragging and dropping. Click on the Comment Library link to manage, add and share comments on a particular question. To learn more, see Using the comment library.

Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can make grading more efficient. Click the Shortucts link in the top right of the screen to see the list of shortcuts.