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The Assessment settings page contains high level controls for your assessment. On this page you can find and edit:

  • Assessment title. Click the pencil icon to change the title of your assessment.
  • Shareable link (Assigned assessments only). Click the link icon to copy and paste a link to the assessment for students.
  • Comment library. Click Manage comment library to find your import and export tools.
  • Grading team management. Use the toggle to allow graders to see each other’s evaluations.
  • Exam Matcher (Administered assessments only). Click to generate tokens for proctors using the Exam Matcher.
  • Proctored sessions (Administered assessments only). Use the toggle to enable students writing exams in separate locations with outside proctors. 
  • Lock assessment. Click here to make the assessment read-only to all users. This setting does not remove students’ access to their Assigned submissions. Assessments must be unlocked for grading.
  • Delete assessment. Click here to delete your assessment.  

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