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Exam Matcher: How it works

If you are an Instructor or Facilitator in the assessment, you can generate tokens for your team of proctors by following the instructions below.

For Instructors:

From the settings page in your administered assessment, click Generate a single use token

Settings page in an Administered Assessment in Crowdmark

Click the Generate token button and a unique 5-digit token will appear. You can generate several tokens at once by clicking the same button. Click ‘Show history’ to see a list of all previously generated tokens. 

Generating Exam Matcher tokens within Crowdmark

Share the exam matcher link and the list of tokens with your team of proctors. A Crowdmark account isn’t required to match students using Exam Matcher. Any individual with a unique token can sign in and start associating students with assessments. Follow the exam matcher link in your mobile web browser. Enter your full name and use a token to sign in.


Watch this video for a step by step overview on how to generate tokens

Notes about tokens:

  • Each token can only be used once. If you exit Exam Matcher, you will need to enter a new token to sign in again. We recommend that you generate and write down multiple tokens before the exam.
  • Tokens expire after 3 days to preserve the security of exam day logins.
  • Only Instructors and Facilitators have the ability to generate tokens.

Troubleshooting token errors

If you see the error “This token is invalid or has already been used” it could be caused by the following:

  • The token has been claimed already. You can see if a token has been claimed from the settings page of your administered assessment.
  • It’s possible you may have misspelled the token.
  • The token may be from a different exam.
  • A poor internet connection. Once a good connection is established, we recommend trying the token again.

For Proctors:

Crowdmark has two (2) hosting environments. You can verify your hosting environment by looking at the URL when you sign into Crowdmark.

If your institution is hosted on:



If you’re a proctor, your instructor will share a unique token to sign in. When you open the link for the first time, you’ll see a Sign in screen prompting you to enter your full name and a token to sign in.

Sign in using the link and token provided to you by your instructor.


Approach the first student. Using the information on the student’s ID card or cover page, search for the student. The search includes any student data you have uploaded (Name or Student ID Number, for example). After choosing a student, their exam matcher profile will appear.

Student profile in Exam Matcher

Tap the Scan QR button to activate the device’s camera/scanner. Scan the QR code on any page of the student’s assessment. The screen will switch to Matched student.

Scanning a QR code

Tap Match another to repeat the process for the next student.

Student matched with Exam Matcher

Watch this video for a step by step overview on how to match students

*Exam Matcher can now be accessed on any mobile device with a web browser and camera. Please note that the iOS and Android Exam Matcher apps have been deprecated and are no longer supported by Crowdmark.

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