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This document covers managing team members in Crowdmark’s Classic interface. For the new interface, click here.

Team members include co-instructors, TAs, graders, anyone who will help with printing, scanning or grading assessments in your course. A description of each role can be found here: What is the difference between team member roles?

Adding team members

From the Team page, team members can be added with their email addresses. After you enter the email addresses you can select which role each team member should have.

To add team members:

  1. In your course, click Team in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Add by email button in the upper right corner. A modal window will appear.

  3. Type or paste your team members’ email addresses in the field. Click the Continue button.

  4. You will see a list of the team members you have entered. Under the Role column, select the role each team member should have. To remove a team member, click the x. For more information, see What is the difference between team member roles?

  5. Click the Add team members button. Your team members will be added to the course and will each receive an invitation email.

What do team members see?

Course invitation email: After you add a team member, they will receive an email from Crowdmark. The Go to course button will take the grader directly to the course. If the team member is a new user, they will first be prompted to set up an account.

Assessment invitation email:

Depending on the team member’s role, they may have access to all assessments (Instructors, Facilitators) or they may only have access to assessments where they have been invited (Graders, Uploaders). In order for a Grader or Uploader to have access to an assessment, they must be included in that assessment’s grading team. You can see the grading team settings in the assessment dashboard by clicking Team then Manage team.

Once added, team members will receive a similar notification email each time they are included in an assessment.

Removing team members

From the Team page, a team member can be removed by clicking the x beside their name. This will remove their access to the course and its assessments but all of their past grading and data on Crowdmark will be preserved.

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