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Exams: Creation through Grading with Crowdmark

Updated article originally published March 11, 2021.

Being an educator means spending a lot of time on administrative maintenance. These tasks included everything from setting up your classroom to grading papers and marking incorrect answers—sometimes by hand.

Although our day-to-day habits and responsibilities have changed, the reality is that educational institutions still rely on tried-and-true testing methods like exams to find out whether their students have fully absorbed the lesson material. Fortunately, using digital grading software like Crowdmark can help make this process easier. This ease is due to streamlining the design, implementation, and grading of exams.

To show you just how much Crowdmark can improve the grading and assessment process in education, we share these steps to highlight how Crowdmark can save instructors both time and effort when compared with traditional grading.

Exam Creation

When educators create an exam using Crowdmark, the process looks just like traditional exam creation. Instructors can type content into Crowdmark directly, or they can attach a file containing a previously-created assessment. Additionally, with remote assessments in Crowdmark, students are sent a link to submit assessments remotely in their accounts, from any device with a browser and internet connection. It’s that easy.

Assignment Submission

Assignment submissions on Crowdmark are much safer than email because it offers an organized space for teachers to conduct assignment submission instead of using a crowded email inbox. There is no need to search for attachments to download or worry about a student’s email going into your junk or spam folder.


Crowdmark’s robust grading tools are vital time-savers for teachers and educators. Once assessments have been submitted, it is easy for teachers to grade them from anywhere, using any device.

Grading teams can make text comments, annotations, or symbol features using the grading toolbar or click anywhere on the page to write freeform corrections or annotations.

The keyboard shortcuts and comment library also allow teachers to copy and paste frequently used comments or notes, cutting down on the amount of time they spend grading.

These helpful features are part of what makes grading with Crowdmark 3x faster than marking by hand.

Distribution of Grades and Feedback

Once grading is complete, educators can efficiently distribute grades and feedback using a one-click email feature. Once an instructor grades the assessment, it is available in the student portfolio for the student (or their parents) to find.

Creating a Successful Exam with Crowdmark

Most educators already know how to create a successful exam that will challenge their students while still ensuring it can be easily read and understood. Crowdmark simply takes your knowledge and expertise and makes it easier to reach your students.

With Crowdmark, creating a great exam, distributing it to your students, and receiving the completed work is easy—and grading with Crowdmark is where educators will experience even more meaningful time savings.

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About Crowdmark

Crowdmark is the world’s premiere online grading and analytics platform, allowing educators to evaluate student assessments more effectively and securely than ever before. On average, educators experience up to a 75% productivity gain, providing students with prompt and formative feedback. This significantly enriches the learning and teaching experience for students and educators by transforming assessment into a dialogue for improvement.