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What will students see after I distribute the assessment?

Notification email

After you click Distribute or if distribution happens automatically by scheduling, an email will be sent to every student. It will look like this:

Even if a student does not receive the email, the assessment will be visible when the student signs in to their Crowdmark account.

Viewing the assessment

The Go to assignment button points to the student’s assessment submission page (the student will need to sign in if they are not already signed in). Here, the student will see:

  • Assignment description
  • Assignment questions (students will not see question versions, if applicable)
  • Due date
  • Lateness penalty (by clicking on the due date at the top)
  • Countdown timer

When there are less than 15 minutes left to submit, students will see a warning message reminding them to upload their work as soon as possible.

Submitting the assessment

How students answer each question depends on the response type that you have specified for each question:

  • For Image/PDF file responses, students need to complete the question on paper, in Word, Google Docs or a note-taking app, then scan or photograph their work. The files can be uploaded to Crowdmark by browsing for or dragging and dropping the pages in the drop zones under each question. Pages can be rotated, reordered, and moved between questions if needed.
  • For Text or Multiple choice, students can input their responses directly in Crowdmark.

Confirming the submission and resubmitting

This is what students will see after submitting their assessment. They will have the opportunity to double-check their submissions and resubmit.

Submitting late

Once the due date has passed, the submission is locked in and students cannot resubmit. A student may only submit once (for the first time) after the due date has passed. Because grading can start immediately after the due date has passed, this ensures that students do not overwrite their submission after it has been graded.

If a student has not submitted yet and views the assessment after the due date, a popup windown will appear informing the student that their submission will be late and what the penalty will be (if any).

Viewing a specific student’s submission page

  1. In your assignment’s Dashboard, click on Students in the sidebar.

  2. You will see a list of students. Locate the student, then under the three dot menu on the right, click Submission.

  3. You will see the student’s submission page. If needed, you can submit on behalf of a student from this page as well. To exit, click the x in the top right corner.

Help for students

When students are viewing the assessment, they will see a Help link linking to these detailed instructions: Completing and submitting an assessment.

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