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Scheduling and distributing Assigned assessments

There are several options to choose from when scheduling Assigned assessments. Instructors can distribute the work to students immediately, or schedule it for future. Synchronous and asynchronous timing are available, as well as adjustments for individual students.

Once you have completed your assessment settings and added questions, the Setup page will prompt you to schedule the assessment. You can also access or change these settings from the assessment menu. Note: you will not be able to schedule an assessment until students have been added to the assessment roster. See Managing students in Assigned assessments for more details.

To schedule an assessment for future
Set the Start date and time, and the Due date and time, and click Schedule distribution. The block will confirm when the assessment is scheduled. You can edit the schedule at any time by clicking Edit schedule.

To distribute an assessment immediately
If you check Distribute now the Start date and time will default to the current date and time. Once you have set a Due date and time, you can click Distribute assessment. The system will ask you to verify that you want to send out the assessment now.

You can also set a time limit for your students. This is ideal if they are to write an asynchronous assessment. In a Timed assessment, the student can choose when they will start writing, and the system will count down the set amount of time. Once the student’s timer runs out, their submission is late and any lateness penalties will be applied. Check out the Help Center for more about Timed assessments. Students’ timers can also be adjusted on an individual basis in the Accommodation options.

Timers can be added or removed at any point during the assessment. For more on how timing works in Assigned assessments, click here.

Lateness penalties are also set in the Schedule page, and can be set per day, per hour or per minute. Penalties can be adjusted or removed on a per-student basis using Accommodation options.

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