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What do students see?

When you email your students the links to their assessment results, each student will be able to see images of his/her own assessment, with scores, feedback, and any other information you’ve chosen to include. Students will not see the cover pages of administered assessments as they contain personally identifying information.

If you change a student’s grades or feedback after results have been sent, for example if a re-grade is requested or work is added, the changes will happen in realtime on the student’s score page.

How can I see a student’s score page?

  1. In your assessment’s Dashboard, click on Students in the sidebar.

  2. You will see a list of students. Locate the student, then under the three dots menu on the right hand side, click Score.

  3. A page with the student’s scores and feedback will appear.

  4. If you have added an assessment summary message and/or chosen to include the Distribution of scores graph, the score page will have a Summary section at the top.

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