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Managing students in Administered Assessments

This document covers managing students in Administered assessments in Crowdmark’s Classic interface. For the new interface, click here.

The Students page of an Administered Assessment contains a wealth of information available to Facilitators and Instructors.

What can you see on the Students page?

  • Name: This information would be either the student’s name or email address, and is the same as what’s found in your Course’s Students page. Clicking on a student’s name or email address will provide additional information including the Student ID #, Section, and a link to the student’s Course profile page.
  • Email status: This column indicates whether emails have been sent to students. Clicking on the Email status will provide more information on the student’s contact email address, as well as the number of emails that have been sent, and an option to resend an email.
  • View: These columns contain links to the student’s Grading and Score pages.
  • Score: This column allows you to see student scores at a glance.
The Name, Email status, and Score are columns are sortable.

Email status indicators

Emails are sent to students when grades are released. Using the information in this column, you’ll be able to see if emails have gone out successfully, or view further information if they have not.

Here’s what the email status indicators mean:

None sentEmails will be sent when you click the Send grades to students button
QueuedThe command to send emails has gone out, and the email is in queue to be sent
SentThe email has been sent successfully
OpenedThe email has been opened by the student
FailedThe email failed to send. You can try resending the email. If this doesn’t work, please contact Crowdmark Support
Hard BounceThe email was undeliverable. This can happen when a student’s spam filter rejects the email, or if the email is invalid (eg. because of a typo). If the email is confirmed to be valid and continues to bounce, please contact Crowdmark Support for further investigation

Clicking into the email status will show you what email address the system is using; how many emails have been sent to the student; and give further information on a Hard Bounce. This is also where you’ll see the option to resend an email.

Including, excluding or adding new students

Clicking the Manage students button will show you which students have been assigned to this assessment. To edit who will receive this assessment, use the dropdown menu to select a different group of students.

Note: If you add students to the assessment you may need to re-download your PDF of booklets.

To include or exclude specific students, or to include multiple student sections, select Custom… from the Manage students dropdown. This will allow you to select specific students or sections to include or exclude from the assessment.

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