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How does Crowdmark work with Brightspace?


Crowdmark is integrated with the Brightspace Learning Management System. This integration provides features such as roster synchronization, team synchronization, and the ability to export grades from Crowdmark into Brightspace. To use the integration, you must sign in with your Brightspace credentials through your institution’s sign in page on Crowdmark (navigate to https://app.crowdmark.com/sign-in and select your school from the dropdown menu), or by accessing Crowdmark via your school’s LMS. After signing in, you can connect your courses with Crowdmark, then create assessments within those courses.

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Crowdmark and Brightspace interactions

Integration with Brightspace provides many benefits, including synchronization of information to make assessment administration more efficient. Crowdmark and Brightspace share the following information:

Importable to Crowdmark

Exportable to Brightspace

How do students access Crowdmark?

Students can sign in to Crowdmark via Brightspace or with an email and password here: https://app.crowdmark.com/sign-in. Crowdmark sends emails with links for students to access their assignments and grades. Students can also sign in to Crowdmark to access their open assessments and grades at any time.

How do students access their Crowdmark assessments through Brightspace?

Depending on the type of integration your school uses, your assessments may not be listed in Brightspace automatically. If your assessments are not showing, you can make your Crowdmark assessment available to students in Brightspace manually following the instructions below:

  1. Copy the shareable link that appears in your Assessment settings tab.

  2. Create a space for the assessment in Brightspace
  3. Paste the link to your Crowdmark assessment in the space you created
  4. If applicable, schedule the Brightspace assessment to be accessible to students at the same distribution time you set in Crowdmark

If students attempt to access the assessment via Brightspace before it is distributed in Crowdmark, they will receive an error message.

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