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Grading navigation

To start grading, click a question on your assessment’s Dashboard (Q1, for example). You will see the first student’s Q1. If grading has already started, you’ll be taken to a student’s Q1 that has not been graded.

Multiple evaluations left on a page

The grading screen shows the current student’s pages arranged vertically. You can scroll to see all of the student’s responses. On the right is the grading sidebar, where you can see the booklet number and question you are currently grading.

  • To go to the next Q1 that has not been graded: Click the Next ungraded button at the bottom of the grading sidebar or type Enter on your keyboard as a shortcut. Please note that “Next ungraded” won’t always navigate to the next student in sequence, especially if others are grading. It is designed to skip booklets that other graders are looking at to avoid collisions.

  • To navigate between student papers: Use the arrows beside the Booklet # title or the keyboard shortcuts: l or shift +  to go to the next student, and h or shift +  to go the previous student. You can also click the Booklet # title to go to a specific booklet.

  • To navigate between questions: Click on the blue or green question label (Q2 [Not graded], for example) on the student’s page or use a keyboard shortcut: j or shift +  to go to the next question, and k or shift +  to go to the previous question. You can also go back to the assessment’s Dashboard and select a different question.

You can see an overview of grading by clicking the Overview grid button on your assessment’s Dashboard. Clicking on a grid tile will take you directly to that student’s response.

The Overview grid is not sortable, and student booklets appear in no particular order. This means student identities will remain anonymous for those with Grader permissions.

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