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Grading a remote exam

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The first thing to do is to sign in to your Crowdmark account. If you do not have an account, please contact us at

Navigate to grading

The next step is to go to the course and exam you want to grade.

Now that the students have submitted their answers and the due date has passed you can grade the exam by following these simple steps. Here you can see that Q1 and Q2 were submitted, but are not graded yet. I will start with Q1.

After the students submit their answers, this is what you will see.

You can always go to the Overview grid to see which questions have not been graded yet.

Grading tools

In the grading interface, you have a menu of options on the left and on the right to do the grading.

Type in score

A very fast way to grade the questions is to type or click on the grade you want to assign your students and click OK or press the key ENTER. Let’s say you want to assign a “3” to this question. Click 3, then click OK or press ENTER.

If you press ENTER again, that will automatically change the view to show Q1 for the next student because Crowdmark serializes the booklets for you.

Navigating using the < and > arrows

If you want to go back, you can click on the “<” arrow and it will return to the previous page where you can change the score, for example.


You can also make annotations, such as checkmarks, “x” marks, or question marks. You can change the colors of your annotations.

Removing annotations

If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can use the trash can to erase your annotations.


You can add a comment by clicking on the page and typing in your comment.

Comments are reusable and stored in the Comment library. You can build out a valuable bank that can be shared with all graders, downloaded and uploaded to other assessments.

Comments with points

Comments with points associated can be used to automatically grade questions. You can see that if I use this comment with 2 points, it automatically applies a score of 2 points to the question.

You can add positive points that add up or negative points that subtract from the maximum value of each question.

If you decide to change the points of the comment, you do not need to change each comment, it will update all instances of it.

Comments with images or links

You can even add images or links to your comments, and the students will be able to view them when you return their grades and feedback.

Freeform annotations (drawing) and highlight boxes

Other tools that you can use are freeform annotations, or drawing.

And highlight boxes. In both cases, you can change the color.

Team grading

Crowdmark was designed for teams of graders to handle the grading all at once.

To avoid doubling up on work, if two of us are grading at the same time, clicking the Next ungraded button will take me to a question that is not currently being graded or viewed by another grader.

If I choose to go to a question that other grader has worked on, Crowdmark avoids collisions by showing each grader’s work separately. 2 graders could independently grade the same page.

If more than one grader makes comments or sets a score, you can check off one of the graders’ evaluations as the Primary evaluation. That is the evaluation that the students will see.

To ensure grading is divided equally you can later see the time each grader has spent in the Team tab of the assessment.

Tags and filters

To sticky note a response, you can use the “Tag” feature. You can write, for example, “model solution”. You can then filter booklets based on the individual criteria, or in combination. For example, I can see all the question 2s the my TA has graded, with the tag “model solution”.

Keyboard shortcuts

Crowdmark has many keyboard shortcuts to help you grade faster.

Overview grid

To see grading progress at any moment, you can click on the Overview grid and navigate to questions that were not graded yet by clicking on the question.

Please contact us at or check out the help pages at Crowdmark if you need more detailed instructions.

Thank you!