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Grading a remote exam

Video transcript

Crowdmark makes grading remote exams easy and seamless! This video will show you the remote exam grading workflow.

On your Assessment screen, you’ll see submissisions organized by question. This allows graders to grade individual questions for consistency. You can also have individual graders grading different questions simultaneously. You’re able to see which questions have been submitted, and how many have been graded. Multiple Choice questions are automatically graded. For Image/PDF responses and Text entry responses, click into a question to begin grading.

Once you’re on the grading screen, you’ll see toolbars on the left and right hand side of your screen. On an Image/PDF response, you can use the pencil to hand-draw, place checks, “x”s or question marks, select an area to highlight, or change the colour of your entry by clicking on the droplet icon. Use the garbage can icon to delete anything you’ve added to the page.

Leave comments in your students’ work by clicking on the speech bubble icon. Every time you create a comment, it is automatically saved — creating your Comment library. Comments support markdown and LaTeX, images, or links to additional resources. If you choose to assign point values to a comment, points are automatically applied or removed as you grade. You can pre-populate a question’s Comment library using a CSV file, making it visible to all graders. This allows you to use the Comment library as a rubric. When students receive their grades, they will see all the feedback on their work.

On the right, you can input points using the built in keypad, or the numbers on your keyboard. You can Tag evaluations, and Filter assessments by question, team member, tag or point value. These tools help you get an overview of your grading, and can be a great way to keep track of trends. You can use the Keyboard shortcuts to move through more quickly. You can also view grades and comments from other graders, move to the next ungraded question, and click to move between student booklets. You can also use the Overview Grid to click through to a specific student or question.

Scroll up or down to move through the assessment you’re currently working on, and click on the question labels to grade specific questions.

When grading a Text entry question, your grading tools are designed for text. Use the cursor to select a block to be highlighted or struck-out. Each of these options allows you to attach a comment. Click the icon with the comment symbol to minimize the boxes as you work. Text responses also include the option for students to place links, or downloadable files within their responses.

You’re also able to view and override grading on your multiple choice questions.

Click the name of your assessment to exit the grading screen, then click on the Results tab to see students grades. Here you can distribute the grades to the students, or export the grades to a CSV file. If you’re using one of our LMS integrations, you may also have the option to export grades directly to the LMS.

For more information, check out the Crowdmark Help Centre, or get in touch with Crowdmark Support. We’re always happy to hear from you! Thanks for watching!

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