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Creating a remote exam

Video transcript

With the ongoing necessity of distance education, being able to create, administer and grade exams remotely is an important part of instruction. This video will show you how to create a remote exam in Crowdmark.

Start by clicking Create Assessment, name your assessment, enrol students and faculty, then Save. Crowdmark is fully scalable, and can accommodate any number of students writing exams whether it’s a single student or a class of thousands. Select the Assigned Assessment option. Set a due date and time. You also have the option to include a late penalty. Late penalties apply as soon as the due time passes, and can be set down to the minute.

Crowdmark allows for synchronous exams, where all students write at the same time, or asynchronous exams, where students write in their own time. To set an asynchronous exam, use the Timed assessment feature to select the amount of time a student has to write. You also have the option for a Group assessment, where students can create their own groups or you can preset groups for them.

Once your assessment is created, you can type, link or upload in the Assignment Description box. Then you can do the same in the boxes for individual questions.

Click on the link to Markdown Formatting to see examples of different ways to format text and images, as well as mathematical and chemical expressions using LaTeX. You can see how your expressions are rendered using the Preview function.

You can also label the questions, and set a point value for each one. These can be changed at any time. You also have the option to make a question Bonus, which means its value wouldn’t be included in the total assessment point value. Add more questions by clicking Add another question to bring up a new question box.

Preview what your students will see by clicking the Preview Assessment button. In this student view, you’re able to see that students are shown the time and date their exam is due, as well as the instructions and formatting you’ve included. In the bottom right hand corner, there will also be a timer that counts down to the due date, or in a timed assessment, counts down the amount of time the student has to complete their work.

When your assessment is complete, click Save to return to your assessment screen. Here, you can modify your assessment settings, lock or delete your assessment, or manage your comment library. You can also distribute your assessment to students. Use the automatic distribution feature to set a time for students to sit a synchronous exam. In either scenario you won’t be able to begin grading until the due date has passed.

For more information, check out the Crowdmark Help Centre, or get in touch with Crowdmark Support. We’re always happy to hear from you! Thanks for watching!