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New feature: Distance education and accessibility support

Crowdmark, in partnership with OCE, the University of Waterloo and the University of Guelph, designed and launched a new feature to support distance education and accessibility services.

Distance education students and co-op students who are living and working away from campus have to write exams too. Until now, this required extra planning and logistics to print the exams well in advance and ship them to various locations around the world. The proctor would then monitor the student taking the exam and ship it back to the university upon completion.

For students who have special needs or need to make up a missed exam, the instructors and staff at the university need to make special arrangements to get exams to the correct location at the correct time and then collect the completed exams. This requires a lot of planning and coordination with multiple stakeholders.

New proctor workflow

Crowdmark streamlines this process with the launch of the Proctor workflow within our assessment platform. The proctor is invited to an exam via email, logs in, downloads and prints the exam. When the exam is completed they scan the exam and upload it to Crowdmark.

Screenshot of proctor's exam session page Proctor view of an exam session

This new user-friendly, step-by-step workflow eliminates the logistics and streamlines the process to get the exams to the correct student at the correct time. It also saves the time it would take to ship the exams, sometimes across the globe. The uploaded pages appear instantly in the grading interface and are ready for facilitators or graders to mark.

This feature is now available to all Crowdmark customers. Facilitators can turn on the feature for an assessment by toggling on “Enable remote exam sessions” in “Assessment settings”. After switching the toggle on, the “Sessions” link appears in the assessment sidebar. This is where Facilitators can create sessions for proctored exams.

For a step-by-step guide on how to use this new feature please refer to Inviting a proctor to administer a remote exam session in our support documentation.

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