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Two-stage exams on Crowdmark

Two-stage exams are a tool used across higher education to promote collaboration, comprehension and assessment as learning. In this multi-step exam format, students write the exam independently, then write the same exam again as a group.

Benefits of a two-stage exam format for students include:

  • Immediate feedback on their first round of testing
  • An opportunity to learn from their peers
  • In many cases a higher overall grade

For a detailed overview of these benefits, check out our blog. In Crowdmark, two-stage exams can be conducted using Assigned or Administered assessments, or a combination of the two.

To create a two-stage exam

  1. Start by creating your first assessment. This will be the individual evaluation.
  2. Once the first assessment is created, you can create the second assessment. This assessment will be set up for groups.

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