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Importing students from Moodle

Depending on the type of integration your school is using, your student roster may be synced automatically the first time you create an assessment. If you accessed Crowdmark via a dedicated link in your course, you’ll be prompted to sync the student roster the first time you connect. In either case, it is important to keep your roster updated in Crowdmark as students add or drop the course to ensure that grades will synchronize properly with Moodle’s gradebook later on. When you sync with Moodle, the columns Crowdmark is able to import are:
  • Name (or First name Last name)
  • Email address
If you wish to add Sections or Student ID columns, you can do so by importing a CSV using the instructions here. Importing a CSV will not affect further sync with Moodle as long as the student email addresses remain unchanged.

Updating the roster

You can update your student list anytime to ensure that it’s consistent with the roster in Moodle.

  1. Navigate to the course you’d like to sync in Moodle, then click through to the course in Crowdmark.
  2. In your course, click Students in the sidebar.
  3. Click the Sync with LMS button in the upper right corner. A modal window will appear.
  4. If the sync was successful you will see the number of students that were found and a list of students that will be updated and/or disenrolled for confirmation.
  5. Click the Update students button to confirm and update the students to your course.
  6. If you have previously imported Sections using a CSV, you can add sections for new students manually by clicking into the individual student, or you can repeat the CSV process.

To update another course’s roster, you will need to click back to Moodle and navigate to the sync from that course.

Sorting the student list

The student list can be sorted alphabetically (by first name), by email address, student ID or section. When you import your student list it will be sorted alphabetically A-Z by default. Use the arrows in your column headers to sort the student list as needed.

Crowdmark displays a student’s name as First name Last name by default. If you’d like to display surnames first (or sort by surname), reverse the First name and Last name columns when mapping your student data on import.

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