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How does Crowdmark work with Moodle?


Crowdmark is integrated with the Moodle Learning Management System. This integration provides features such as roster synchronization, team synchronization, and the ability to export grades from Crowdmark into Moodle. To use the integration, you must create a Crowdmark assessment in Moodle. This will be your entry point into Crowdmark.

Learn more about creating an assessment: Creating a Crowdmark assessment in Moodle

Crowdmark and Moodle interactions

Integration with Moodle provides many benefits, including synchronization of information to make assessment administration more efficient. Crowdmark and Moodle share the following information:

Importable to Crowdmark

Exportable to Moodle

How do students access Crowdmark?

Students can access their Crowdmark assessments in Moodle or by signing in to Crowdmark with an email and password here: https://app.crowdmark.com/sign-in. Crowdmark sends emails with links for students to access their assignments and grades.

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  • Status: This column does triple duty, indicating whether or not a student has submitted their assessment, and containing the student’s Submission log. This is also where a student’s Accommodation options are found.
  • Score: This column allows you to see student scores at a glance. If questions are randomized, Instructors and Facilitators will be able to see which version of each question the student received. Students do not see version information.

The Name, Email status, and Score are columns are sortable.

Email status indicators

Emails are sent to students when an assessment is distributed, and when grades are released. Using the information in this column, you’ll be able to see if emails have been sent success

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