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How does Crowdmark work with Blackboard?


Crowdmark is integrated with the Blackboard Learning Management System. This integration provides features such as roster synchronization, team synchronization, and the ability to export grades from Crowdmark into Blackboard. To use the integration you’ll access Crowdmark via your course page in Blackboard. Depending on the type of integration, you’ll see a Crowdmark direct link, or the option to create a Crowdmark assessment.

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Crowdmark and Blackboard interactions

Integration with Blackboard provides many benefits, including synchronization of information to make assessment administration more efficient. Crowdmark and Blackboard share the following information:

Importable to Crowdmark

Exportable to Blackboard

How do students access Crowdmark?

Students can access their Crowdmark assessments in Blackboard or by signing in to Crowdmark with an email and password here: https://app.crowdmark.com/sign-in. Crowdmark sends emails with links for students to access their assignments and grades.

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