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Creating a Crowdmark assessment in Moodle

If your school’s integration requires it, you’ll need to begin assessment creation in Blackboard. The rest of the steps will take place in Crowdmark.

    1. Turn editing on in your course by clicking the Turn editing on button in the top right corner.

    2. Scroll to the section you would like to create the assessment in and click Add an activity or resource. The Add an activity or resource modal will appear.

    3. Select Crowdmark Assessment and click Add. You will see a screen where you can enter the details of the assessment.

    4. Enter a name for your assessment in the Activity name field.
      Scroll down to the Common module settings section and make sure Availability is set to Show on course page. The remaining settings are optional.

    5. Click Save and display. This will take you to a launch page. Click Open in new window to launch Crowdmark. Crowdmark will automatically create the course in Crowdmark and import your student roster from Moodle.

    6. Congratulations! Your assessment is ready to be set up. Help is available through every step of the process, but if you want to learn more, see Choosing an assessment type.

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