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Coordinating remote exam sessions

Distance education coordinators have the ability to schedule a remote exam session in Crowdmark and invite a proctor to administer the exams. A session can include exams from a single course or from multiple courses. If you are a coordinator who does not have access to this role in Crowdmark, please contact Crowdmark Support.

The exam session feature provides a proctor with the resources to administer the exam and upload student work to Crowdmark. Creating a session and inviting a proctor will enable them to:

  • Sign in to Crowdmark
  • View the session details (date, location, participating students)
  • Download a QR-coded exam booklet for each student (a page is added to each booklet with the student and course information)
  • Scan and upload completed exam booklets to Crowdmark

You will be able to track the proctor’s progress as they complete these tasks. Since each student is assigned to a specific booklet, there is no need for the instructor to match the proctored assessments to students after the pages are uploaded.

Proctored sessions may be created in bulk, which is useful if you manage many courses and proctors. See: Creating remote exam sessions in bulk.

Creating a remote session

Before you can create a session, the instructor (or instructors, if the session will include multiple courses) needs to create the assessment in Crowdmark, upload their exam template, and add their student roster. Once the assessment is ready:

  1. Sign in to Crowdmark and click Coordinate in the left sidebar. Your sessions table will appear.

  2. Click Add session. A window with setup options will appear.

  3. Enter the Date and time your session will take place (if it doesn’t have a set date, you may choose a date range). Enter the Location (optional).

  4. Click Add session. The Session details page will appear.

  5. Under the Assessments and students section, click Add an assessment.

  6. Search for the course name and select the course/assessment name from the dropdown. If you can’t find the assessment, contact the instructor to verify that the exam was set up and the name is correct.

    Next, enter the name or email addresses of one of the students who will participate in the session. As you type, Crowdmark will narrow down the class list associated with the assessment. Select the correct student. Repeat for each student, then click Add to add the assessment and students.

  7. If this session will include multiple courses, repeat steps 5–6 until all assessments and students are added.

Inviting a proctor

Once your session has been created and has students, you can invite the proctor to administer the exams.

  1. Ensure that the session details page is open. Under the Proctor section, click Invite a proctor.

  2. Enter the proctor’s email address, a note with any additional instructions you would like to include (optional), and your contact information (optional).

  3. Click Invite proctor. An email will be sent to the proctor inviting them to sign in to Crowdmark to access the session details.

What will the proctor see?

  • The invitation email will include a button for the proctor to accept the invitation and view the session page. If the proctor doesn’t have a Crowdmark account, they will be prompted to sign up before accepting the invitation.

  • After accepting the invitation, the proctor will be directed to the session page.

    Note: You can also access this page by navigating to your Coordinate page, then clicking the proctor’s name in the “View as proctor” column.

  • Each booklet the proctor downloads will have a QR code on each page (like normal Crowdmark exam booklets), but the booklet will be assigned and matched to a specific student. Crowdmark will add a page to the beginning of each booklet with student and course information to ensure that proctors distribute booklets to the correct students:

  • There is a link to documentation for proctors in the right sidebar of the session page: Proctoring a remote exam session.