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Completing and submitting an assignment

How it works

  1. Complete the assignment. You can do this on paper, in Word, or Google Docs (unless your instructor has specified otherwise).

  2. Save, scan or photograph your assignment.

    • If you’ve completed the assignment in Word, Google Docs, or a similar program, you’ll need to save or export your work in PDF or JPG or PNG format. Crowdmark does not accept .docx files.
    • If you’ve completed your assignment on paper, we recommend using a scanner to ensure that your work is legible for the person grading it (see Recommended scanner settings). If you don’t have a scanner, you can likely access one through your school’s library. Make sure your files have a .pdf or .jpg or .png extension.
  3. Upload your assignment. Drag and drop your files to the upload areas under the questions or browse to locate them. You can drag pages between questions.

    Note: Uploading from a computer is recommended as submissions from mobile phones are not officially supported by Crowdmark at this time — using a computer ensures that you will see exactly what the person grading your work will see.

  4. Submit your assignment. Make sure the pages are in order and rotated correctly, then click Submit pages for evaluation.

Congratulations! You’ve submitted your assignment. To ensure that everything has been uploaded correctly, scroll down and review your submission. If you have submitted from a mobile phone or tablet, make sure to check your submission on a computer to ensure that it is consistent. You may resubmit the files anytime before the due date.

If your instructor chooses to return the assessment after grading, the page will be updated with a link to view your grades. You will also receive an email from Crowdmark containing the link.

Recommended scanner settings

For optimal results, we suggest these settings:

  • PDF or JPEG file format (required).
  • Greyscale or color.
  • 200 DPI scanning resolution. This should result in images with dimensions 1700x2200 pixels.
  • It is recommended to enable a “darker” setting if your scanner allows it. This helps light pencil marks to be seen more clearly.

Submitting a late assignment

If you submit an assignment late, your instructor may choose to deduct a penalty from your assignment. You can see if there is a penalty for late submissions anytime by clicking on the due date. You may submit after the due date, but submissions will be closed when grading is complete.

If you’ve already submitted, you will not be able to resubmit your assignment after the due date. This is because your instructor may have started grading the assignment. Please contact your instructor if you need to resubmit your work after the due date.

Troubleshooting submission issues

If something goes wrong while you are trying to submit your assignment, you’ll usually see an error message. Both you and your instructor have access to a log of all actions you have taken to submit the assignment. You can read about the log in the Verifying that an assignment was submitted article. Here are some common errors and solutions:

  • Unknown error: This is usually temporary and happens when something interfered with the upload. We recommend that you:
    • Try again later or use a different internet connection.
    • Disable extensions/add-ons in your browser or try a different browser.
    • Try a computer if you are submitting from a mobile device.
    If this does not solve the problem, contact and include the error message, the file you’re trying to submit, and the browser and operating system you’re using.
  • Incorrect file type: Crowdmark accepts PDF, JPG, and PNG files. Please save or export your file in one of these formats.
  • File size is too big: The limit is 12mb per image file (JPG, PNG) and 25mb per PDF file. Try scanning your work in lower quality.
  • PDF text is garbled: After uploading to Crowdmark, sometimes PDF files do not look as expected, particularly if they include LaTeX or diagrams. If you export the pages as JPG or PNG files, this will flatten the text and ensure that the formatting is maintained.
  • Photo rotation is inconsistent: If you’ve submitted from a mobile phone, the rotation data may not be correct. Try rotating the image on a computer to overwrite the rotation data, then reupload it to Crowdmark.