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Claiming your account (signing in for the first time)

In most cases, you’ll be accessing Crowdmark for the first time through an email link from “Crowdmark Mailer”. Maybe you’ve tried to sign up for a Crowdmark account from the Sign Up page. In both cases, if your instructor has enrolled you in a course you’ll be prompted to claim your account by setting your password.

Claiming your account

  1. Click Claim my account. You will receive an email from Crowdmark Mailer.

  2. Open the email and click the Claim my account link. You’ll see the claim account page on Crowdmark.

  3. Enter your full name, a password (choose a strong password with at least 8 characters!), and the password again to confirm. Check “I agree to the Terms of Service” and click Claim my account.

  4. You’re in! If you clicked on an assignment or a link to your grades you will go directly to that assessment. If not, you will see a page titled My Courses, which is your portfolio of assessments on Crowdmark.