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Choosing an assessment type

Choosing an assessment type depends on whether the instructor would like to administer and collect the assessments in person or for the student to complete and submit their work independently. Detailed descriptions of the two options are shown below:


Any assessment written by students while monitored by the instructor or other supporting staff. The assessment is printed, distributed to students, then scanned and uploaded for online grading.

Example: An in-class exam


  1. Set up your assessment: Upload a template, enroll students, and generate PDF for printing.
  2. Download and print the assessment: Download and print the PDF file, and assemble into booklets.
  3. Administer the assessment.
  4. Scan and upload completed assessments: Remove staples from booklets, then scan and upload the pages.
  5. Match assessments to students: Associate cover pages with students. This can be done before or after grading.
  6. Grade assessments.
  7. Send grades to students: Grades are sent to each student’s email address.

Additional information: For details about each step, see the Administered Assessments category.


Any assessment that a student completes independently. The assessment questions are emailed to the student, then answered and uploaded by the student for grading online.

Example: A homework assignment


  1. Set up your assessment: Enter details (due date, penalty, notes), type or copy and paste assignment questions, enroll students.
  2. Distribute the assessment: Each student will receive an email that links to their submission page. On this page, students can see the assignment questions, when the assignment is due, any additional notes, and submit their completed assessments. For more information, see What will students see after I distribute the assessment?
  3. Students complete the assessment. Students complete the assessment either on paper or using a word processing program. Students can upload any number of pages to each question.
  4. Students scan or save and upload their completed assessments: Students can upload files in PDF or JPG format.
  5. After due date has passed, you can begin grading.
  6. Send grades to students: Grades are sent to students via email.​

Additional information: For details about each step, see the Assigned Assessments category.