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New Features: Freeform Scores, Text Annotations, Upload Status List, and Extra Exams

Freeform Scores

You can now enter any number as a score (including fractional points as decimals). With the new keypad, type or tap any number and hit Enter (or OK on the keypad) to submit.

Text Annotations

Provide contextual, formative feedback anywhere on the page. Double-click or double-tap to create a comment. Comments can easily be moved around the page at any time.

Upload Status List

The new Upload page shows a detailed history and status of all of your uploaded pages, so you can track your progress and view detailed error messages.

Overview blocks present general information:

  • Pages completed: Number of files successfully uploaded.
  • Complete exams: Number of exams fully uploaded.
  • Incomplete exams: Number of exams partially uploaded.
  • Errors: Number of files unsuccessfully uploaded.

The History table lists every file that has been uploaded (with the option to show errors only). To troubleshoot errors, you can click on a filename to see its associated image.

Extra Exams

You can now include extra exams before generating your PDF file.

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