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New feature: Course roster and team management

Screenshot of the new Students page

This feature will allow instructors to set up their students and team for a course once, rather than for each assessment.

Crowdmark will automatically handle students who have added or dropped the course each time you update the roster.

When creating an assessment you will still have the flexibility to select which students, sections, and team members should be included.

What to expect

During the update we will combine all of the student and team information from your past assessments and move it to the course level. We recommend that you review student information and team member roles in past assessments and courses after the update. Here is what to expect:

  • If you have uploaded student metadata it will be transferred into a standardized format in the course. Crowdmark will keep all names, student ID numbers and section data that has been uploaded.
  • Team members will no longer have different roles in each assessment as roles will apply to the entire course. To prevent anyone from having unauthorized access to assessment data, Crowdmark will find each team member’s lowest level role in all assessments in the course and apply that role to the team member. For example, if someone was a Facilitator in one assessment and a Grader in another, they will become a Grader in the course and in both assessments. Team members will still only have access to the specific assessments they have been invited to.
  • There is a new “Instructor” role. Instructors will have access to all assessments and the ability to manage students and team members in the course. This role will automatically be applied to all course owners. If you have co-instructors or other collaborators who need this level of access you will be able to change their role on the course Team page.

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