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Introducing Variable Length Assignments

Screenshot of the new student submission page The new student submission page

We are very excited to announce that Crowdmark will soon allow for variable length answers for assigned assessments. This means that students’ answers to questions can be longer than one page. Our new workflow opens up opportunities for long answer and essay questions.

These new changes will take effect on Thursday, July 28th.*

When you create a new assigned assessment you will see a new interface and workflow. A notable change is that you no longer need to create an assessment template; questions are entered or pasted directly into Crowdmark. We have taken great care to ensure a user friendly experience that is intuitive and efficient.

We developed this new workflow based on feedback from you, the learners and educators we serve. This makes Crowdmark a more effective assessment solution for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our new assigned assessment also simplifies the assignment creation process by allowing instructors to easily assign questions from a textbook.

Screenshot of adding assignment questions during the assessment setup Adding assignment questions during the assessment setup

Our grading interface remains essentially the same with one change. If a student adds more than one page to an answer the grader simply scrolls down to the next page in the grading interface.

For students we have made the upload experience more robust with a progress bar and clear confirmation that the assignment has been successfully received.

We welcome your comments and feedback on the new assigned assessment workflow in Crowdmark. We remain dedicated to enriching the learning and teaching experience for students and educators by transforming assessment into a dialogue for improvement.

*An earlier version of this post specified the launch date as July 6th. The date was changed based on requests from educators to delay the launch until the end of the academic semester.

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