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Introducing Parallel Evaluations

Multiple evaluations left on student work Multiple evaluations left on student work

Instructors who use Crowdmark have requested improved ways to collaboratively grade. Our new feature, Parallel Evaluations, allows Facilitators to compare and extend evaluations left by Graders.

We will soon update the grading interface to make ownership and tracking of feedback more transparent. These changes enable instructors to get new insight into grading team performance.

Parallel Evaluations allows multiple graders to leave separate evaluations on the same question. A Facilitator who wishes to edit or enrich another grader’s evaluation can “clone” the evaluation and then add their own feedback for the student.

These are the changes you will see in the grading interface:

  • A list of evaluations in the sidebar.
  • A checkmark indicating the “primary” evaluation. The primary evaluation is the one shown to the student if scores and feedback are returned.
  • If a page has already been graded by someone else, you may create your own independent evaluation. Facilitators may edit and extend another grader’s evaluation by first cloning it.

A Facilitator's view of the evaluations

We welcome your comments and feedback on Parallel Evaluations. We remain dedicated to enriching the learning and teaching experience for students and educators by transforming assessment into a dialogue for improvement.

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