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Crowdmark Expands Team with Three Key Hires

Crowdmark announces the hiring of three new employees to our team: Jamie Gilgen, Murray Marven and Sandra O'Reilly. Feedback from early users improved our online collaborative grading platform and allowed Crowdmark to recently graduate from beta deployment. Jamie, Murray, Sandra and the rest of the Crowdmark team are advancing our solution to the assessment bottleneck plaguing the global education system.

  • Jamie Gilgen, formerly of Unspace Interactive, joins Crowdmark as Chief Technical Officer. During the past four years Jamie has been a consultant for organizations such as the United Nations, Business Model Foundry, as well as Crowdmark. Jamie is also the Creator and Lead Developer of Yoleo Reader and FauxFlash.
  • Murray Marven will build the sales and marketing organzation at Crowdmark. Murray is a Systems Design Engineer with over 25 years of sales, management, marketing and business development experience, most recently as an independent consultant and before that in a series of sales, management, and executive roles at IBM, including Global Director for Industry Solutions Software.
  • Sandra O'Reilly joins Crowdmark as Designer. Sandra combines seven years of design activity, including three years working at York University focused on education technology and faculty support, with a passion for optimized user experience to make Crowdmark elegant and easy to use.

About Crowdmark Inc.

Crowdmark is an education technology company based in Toronto. Crowdmark’s ultra-scalable assessment platform and badged labor market enables evaluating and certifying learning on a massive scale. The global education explosion lacks scalable methods to certify achievement. Evaluating student work currently involves paging through piles of paper or using ineffective multiple-choice exams. Crowdmark streamlines document assessment and makes it easy for instructors to rapidly mark the work of their own students, or to assemble and manage teams of qualified graders for large classes with hundreds or thousands of students. Learn how educators at all levels can grade better at

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